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Delaguard: ‘A home with home staging sells 7 times faster’

A home in good repair and aesthetically pleasing is more likely to attract more interested buyers than one that does not show its best face. The point is that many times we do not know what to do to make our house beautiful, since our tastes do not shave to coincide with those of the buyers.

The good news is that there is home staging, an extremely effective technique to improve the image of our property in order to accelerate its sale. But what is home staging and how can I use it to sell my apartment?

We interviewed Elisabeth de la Guardia, an expert in the field and founder of the Delaguard company, so that she will tell us everything we need to know about this powerful resource.

The advantages of Home Staging: sell a flat quickly and at the best price.

Elisabeth de la Guardia is a home stager with years of experience in the real estate market and is a member of the Home Staging Association (AHSE).

Next, he tells us what home staging consists of, how this technique can help us sell our apartment and explains what your Delaguard company offers to all those who need to sell their houses quickly.

What is Home Staging and what are its advantages?

Home Staging is a marketing technique that consists of preparing a home before it goes on the real estate market so that its presentation is perfect and attracts more clients, receives more visits and therefore sells earlier and at a better price.

Preparing a house with Home Staging helps to:

  • Accelerate the sale: a home that has been on the market for a long time is “burned”, that is, it allows buyers to generate interest and receives purchase offers below its price. In addition to the maintenance costs that it continues to carry.
  • Add value to the sale price: according to data from the AHS, 60% of the homes (with Home Staging) that were sold in 2018, did so for between 5% and 25% more than their value initial. And the most interesting thing is that none were sold below the starting price.

In which cases is it useful to use Home Staging to sell a home?

Home Staging can be applied to all types of homes since it has been proven that it works, as long as they are not homing in very bad condition and that they need a comprehensive reform first.

It is especially indicated when there is little demand, either due to a crisis in the buyer’s market or because the product is of high standing.

It is useful to resort to Home Staging when:

  • In a hurry to sell or rent, a well-presented home attracts more visitors and therefore more potential customers.
  • The house has been on the market for a long time, it will be prevented from “burning” or if a new presentation and images are already “burned”, they will launch it renewed on the real estate portals.
  • The house is inherited and needs to update its image, the “grandmother’s house” definitely does not sell, and the owners are often in a hurry to do so.
  • The house is empty and does not show all its real space, empty rooms always look smaller and create doubts for buyers.
  • The house is of high standing, clients of this profile like to see the houses with all kinds of details that reflect their lifestyle.
  • The house is a show flat; the client likes to see the real capacity and possibilities of the flat he is visiting.
  • You want to get the maximum return on the sale of the home, an investment in Home Staging of 2,000 or 3,000 euros can make the home sell for 10,000 or 15,000 euros more (as long as it is within the price / market range).

What is the difference between decorating a floor and using Home Staging? Can you give us some examples?

The difference is in the purpose of the decoration. When decorating a home to live in, the client hires an interior designer or decorator to capture their own style at home. The work is based on how the client wants to feel at home, what style of decoration he identifies with or what needs he has.

On the other hand, when a home is prepared with Home Staging, the purpose will always be the marketing of that home, the service is fully oriented to the end customer, that is, the home buyer.

For this reason, depersonalization, neutrality of the spaces is always sought and works from the emotion, creating scenes that impact the buyer’s mind, that generate good feelings and feel the impulse to visit the home and / or make an offer. for her.

Which has more impact: virtual home staging or physical home staging? Which is cheaper?

Both marketing tools are growing a lot in real estate services:

  • Virtual Home Staging has increased a lot lately, helped above all by the health crisis (houses could not be visited) and because it is cheaper. Although the image shown of the home is usually perfect, it is not real, and the customer is very disappointed when visiting the home.

It can work well when the house is very deteriorated and needs a comprehensive reform, although the client must be notified of the real state of the house before visiting it.

  • Physical Home Staging is a more expensive service, but also more personalized and global, since it not only works on the final image of the space, but also the most emotional and sensitive part, which will make the client feel reflected in the style of life that the image of that house is giving you.

Visits to homes prepared with Home Staging often have a huge impact on buyers as they literally imagine living there.

There are more and more real estate companies, including Tajarat properties individuals and investors who realize the potential of this technique and are implementing it in the presentation of their properties. It is a way to stand out from the competition, enhance the image of the homes they have in their portfolio and even get exclusive.


Can a home in poor condition benefit from Home Staging or do renovations necessarily have to be done?

If the house is in poor condition, it would be advisable to carry out the basic repairs, before performing a Home Staging service. An old bathroom or kitchen can be updated on a very low budget (it is done in many Home Staging projects), but if they are destroyed, a renovation is best.

It is an investment, yes, but it will also raise the asking price of the property. The vast majority of buyers are looking for a home to move into without going through the arduous process of a reform.

Can Home Staging Revalue Home Prices? In what percentage?

Yes, according to the AHSE survey carried out in 2018, in 60% of the cases the sale value of the property increased. The increases were variable, in 37% of the cases the increase was up to 10%, in 17% the increase reached 25% and in more than 5% of the cases, the increases exceeded 25%.

How long does it take on average to sell an apartment with Home Staging?

There is no exact average, as it depends on whether the home’s value is in line with the market price, but it has been shown to sell 7 times faster than without Home Staging (data from the AHSE survey conducted in 2018).

In the case of properties prepared for rent, a home without Home Staging takes an average of 3.5 months to rent and one prepared with this technique takes 0.34 months, that is, it rents 10 times faster. (data from AHSE survey conducted in 2018).

What services does Delaguard Home Staging offer?

At Delaguard Home Staging, we offer a wide range of services to our clients, ranging from face-to-face or online advice, where after knowing the home we give the owner the keys to improve the presentation of their home, to the service “Turnkey” where the client hires us for all the action, and we take care of the coordination and execution of the entire service until the delivery of the final photographic report.

Our services include preparation of:

  • Empty homes for sale or rent.
  • Furnished and / or inhabited homes for sale or rent.
  • Homes for vacation rental.
  • Personalized face-to-face and online counselling.
  • Commercial premises and small businesses.

What kind of actions does Delaguard perform to apply Home Staging in a house?

It will vary a little depending on whether the house is furnished, inhabited, empty and its state of conservation. But as a general rule, our actions always start with:

  • Small renovation work: painting, lighting, plumbing, repair of defects, etc.
  • Thorough cleaning and order, nobody likes to visit a property and find it dirty and messy.
  • Clearance of obsolete objects or unnecessary furniture that do not allow us to see the potential of the spaces and do not leave free passage.
  • Depersonalization, removing all personal items, photos, special art, travel memorabilia, etc. that distract buyers when they visit the home.
  • Neutral decoration of the spaces, looking for a style that the target audience likes.
  • Mounting of emotional scenes, to reach the potential client and show him what he could have if that house were his home.
  • Professional photographic report of the property, the first image that the buyer sees of the home is essential.

What is the average cost of hiring a Home Staging professional? Does the price include the cost of the changes or are they separate from the fees?

Delaguard: The cost of Home Staging will always vary depending on the square meters of the house, the number of spaces that are worked and the level of detail used in the decoration or preparation of scenes.

To give an example, an 80m2 base apartment with three rooms and empty, would cost from € 2,500, including fees and decorative material, which is left in the home for the time agreed with the client.

The same inhabited apartment with furniture, the fees could range between € 800 and € 1200, taking into account that it would try to make the most of the existing furniture and the focus would be more on clearing, depersonalizing and neutralizing the home for the report later photographic.

If the furniture in the home could not be used, the cost of the furniture and decorative material would have to be added. Regarding the cost of the updates that the house may need, it is usually always paid by the client.

In our case, at the beginning of the service, we indicate the improvements or changes that must be made in the home before the Home Staging and the client directly hires the professionals who do the service (plumber, painter, carpenter, etc.). Other times it is the client himself who performs these small jobs.

In “turnkey” services, we take care of finding the industrialists and coordinating them, and we pass the costs on to the client.

How are they different from other Home Staging professionals?

At Delaguard Home Staging, we are known for giving a highly personalized service, advising our clients on the different options they have to be able to sell their property first and adapting our work to their possibilities.

We offer different models so that the client can choose the level of service that best suits their needs. Our personal and professional trajectory has given us extensive knowledge of the nova city and we know exactly what needs the seller has when he puts his property for sale and what the buyer is looking for in a home.